Sistema Integrado Control de Estudio

Facilite the processes of your university's registrar office

Give your students the facility to register and consult their grades online. Automatically generate the academic schedules and have full control over the management of the core process of your educational institute.

Web technology, secure and customizable.



Universidad Alejandro Humboldt

SICE is an IT solution that enables the management of the registrar office of higher educations institutions.


SICE is currently used by several universities. We help serve over 20,000 students distributed throughout Latin America since 2002.

Avoid Problems

  • Are the registry's office functions a headache?
  • Are schedules hard to do?
  • Are there any empty classrooms?
  • Teachers did not accomplish their quota?
  • Are students not attended?
  • Are grades not given on time?


  • No waiting.
  • Web-based enrollment.
  • Web-based instrutor system.
  • Web-based administration.
  • Mobile messaging to students and teachers (optional).
  • Expedite records and certifications.
  • Schedules made easy:
    • Instantly prepared.
    • Maximizing the use of classrooms.
    • Optimizing the use of instructors.
    • Overall student satisfaction.
    • Serve more students with the same resources.


SICE is web-based system that runs on either MSWindow ® or Linux. It consists of a series of high-tech open source programs : PHP, Apache, HTML, JavaScript and POSTGRES. It uses a centralized database which can be accessed from eany campus of your institution.
Access can be via the institution's intranet (private network without public access) or via the Internet with security and access control mechanism.

SICE - Student

It is SICE's module for students, which allows them to login with a username and password and perform the following functions:

  • Pre-register, register, modify or withdraw your information.
  • Update personal information.
  • Display schedules and curriculum information.
  • Consult mid-term and final grades.
  • Make complaints and suggestions electronically.
  • Realizar reclamos y sugerencias electrónicamente.
  • Receive text messages via cell phone, thanks to the automatic interface with SEMCEL (optional)

Sice Estudiante

SICE - Instructor

It is SICE's module for teachers, which may login with a username and password to perform the following functions:

  • Update their availability to assit courses scheduling.
  • Update student grades.
  • Submit final grades.

Sice Docente

SICE - Administration

It is SICE's module those responsible for the administrative / accounting process, which allows them to login with a username and password and perform the following functions:

  • Auxiliary Accounting
  • Generation of accounting vouchers.
  • Registration fees for different concepts.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Different accounting reports: income, cash, receivables.
  • Details and summaries.
  • Financial Planning: Participants by section, projections.

Sice Docente

SICE - Central

It is SICE's module for the registrars office activities, which allows them to login with a username and password and perform the following functions:

  • Manage course equivalencies and other academic processes.
  • Manage faculties and colleges.
  • Manage reinstatements.
  • Managing courses, prerequisite and pensum.
  • Manage graduates and Alumni.
  • Manage grades and certifications.
  • Generate records and reports.
  • Manage payments.
  • Manage student records.
  • Issue ID cards to students.
  • Monitor Performance Indicators.
Additionally Central SICE has a mathematical model for the automatic construction of Academic Schedules.

Sice Docente

The Academic schedule for your institution can be ready in minutes and adjusted to the demands not only of students but teachers and classroom resources, maximizing satisfaction, resources and time and minimizing inconvenience to students and teachers.

Do you recognize these cases?

  • Courses offered to students who did not need.
  • Teachers attending two classrooms on the same day and time.
  • Courses offered when students can not go.
  • Teachers do not complete their full academic load.
  • Two courses on the same day and time in the same classroom.
  • The academic schedule not completed on time.
  • Not enough courses offered for students.
  • Empty classrooms.
The ideal academic schedule is associated with:
  • +85% student satisfaction.
  • Maximizing classroom use.
  • Maximizing teaching hours.
  • Instant generation of academic schedule.
  • Your staff can now negotiate with teachers.
  • Can be used from your office, home, ...

Bulk upload and conversion of Data:

This module is used to facilitate the migration of the current system SICE, which includes:
  • Data upload

Other advantages

  • Security: passwords, profiles, questions and answers, other internal mechanisms.
  • Help desk.
  • Incorporation of university regulations.
  • Audit Trace.
  • Online Help.
  • Academic Calendar.
  • Evaluation of Teachers by Students / Course.