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Mobile Direct-Marketing

Keeping your staff, customers and suppliers informed is a challenge that impacts the quality of service your company has to offers. Now you now have an economical and easy way to reach many people: Directed marketing thourgh SMS.




SEMCEL © is a web-based application for sending text messages (SMS) to any mobile phone from a computer on the Internet. It also allows contact-grouping thus making SMS marketing faster and easier.


This mobile messaging service is used by companies for sending messages to customers, vendors and employees. It also can be used as a surveys tool via cell phone.



SEMCEL can be used for different purposes:

  • Collections: Remind your customers their outstanding payments
  • Direct Promotion: Offer your products, services and special sales to your customers.
  • Logistics: Organize, postpone or cancel events, appointments and meetings via Text Messaging Cell.
  • Messaging: Contact many people easily, quickly and inexpensively.
  • Corporate image: Enhance your business with targeted marketing.
  • Polls: Get statistics easily.

Other benefits

  • Text messaging from your personal computer.
  • Send many messages in one day. +1000, +3000, ...
  • Scheduled messages to a specific date.
  • Venezuelan cellular messages from anywhere in the world.

Send messages in 3 easy steps

1. Join following the instructions. 2. Easily credit your account with direct bank-to-bank deposits. 3. Start sending messages once payment has been authorized.


Training for all users through videos, and instructors. Code and Password will be sent via your mobile phone.

Types of Message

  • Send messages in a simple way to 1 or more contacts quickly.
  • Send scheduled messages in the date and time that suits you.
  • Send automated messages from a file generated manually or by your application.

Corporate Accounts

© SEMCEL can also be integrated into your company's IT services in an organized and transparent manner.