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Virtual conference room

You can conduct a virtual video and audio conference wherever you are from anywhere in the world using SAVI.

Virtual meeting room, safe and inexpensive.




SAVI is a IT product, developed with the latest emerging technologies related to video conferencing, streaming, distance learning (e-learning) and RIA (Rich Internet Application).

Who uses SAVI?

Academic institutions can use SAVI for distance education (e-learning/b-learning) via the Internet and enjoy active participation of students as if they were in a physical classroom.
Companies can use SAVI for virtual meetings any where in the world.

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  • E-learning.
  • Share experiences and knowledge with others.
  • Communicate via the Internet with customers and suppliers worldwide.
  • Communicate remotely with your divisions or branches.
  • Video conferencing among senior staff of a national or international division.
  • Send corporate messages to employees of the corporation.
  • Live demonstrations of your products and services to any company or institution.
  • Many other practical applications where remote communication is required.

Teaching facilities

  • Broadcast images (camera) and voice (microphone) of both the teachers lecturing, as well as the student sharing experiences with other classmates.
  • Easily record conferences or classes.
  • Chat among students and/or teachers.
  • SAVI shows optional information of the students like telephones number, mobile number, and email, among others.
  • The speaking order for students can be based upon a first come first served basis.
  • Survey, in which you ask a question with multiple choice answers to all students. After the results are tallied SAVI can shows the result online.
  • With SAVI you can adjust on your PC, the volume of the speaker, image and other multimedia facilities.

Business benefits

  • Perform PowerPoint presentations without alterning any effects or links.
  • Stream videos using the FLV format.
  • Play pre-recorded music or videos.
  • Can view any image that the speaker used during his talk.
  • SAVI has up to 10 virtual boards in which the speaker can make notes or drawings which can be viewed by all participants. If the participant has the proper permissions SAVI also allows him/her to write on the board.
  • You can set up links to repository, which contain files related to the subject being taught.