IT Projects

We offers IT through the development of projects. Our potential customers range from small and medium enterprises, to government agencies and corporations.
Our highly qualified team has extensive experience in the design, implementation, testing and execution of IT projects. Our main focus areas are:
Software Development
When the licensed software is not flexible enough for your company, Vacorp can help you build solid solutions to improve and expand your existing capabilities, integrating your platform and helping your business to grow. We develop Intranets, Extranets and specialized applications.
Analysis and integration of IT solutions
Our extensive experience in integrating data from different systems in order to transform them into useful information for decision making has set us apart from the pack. Our projects in this area are targeted to the development of databases, ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load), Data Mining and Business Intelligence.
IT migration
The migration to open source software from your legacy systems, applications and databases can be complex and fraught with problems. We have experience and expertise to handle the migration needs of your business.
Support and maintenance of existing solutions:
We can provide support and improvement to your existing web-based applications.
herramientas de inteligencia de negocio como pentaho, mssql, oracle hyperion y microstrategy