IT Consulting

We help our clients identify IT solutions to enhance their business objectives.
Evaluation and selection of appropriate software and/or hardware
There are thousands of vendors and technologies, we can help you determine which is best for your business. We apply different methodologies for selection including market research, testing tools and our expertise in the evaluation and selection of IT solutions.
Consulting and auditing IT solutions and platforms
How is the technology platform of your business? Is it safe? How much does it costs to maintain? Is it up to date? What is missing? Vacorp can evaluate all critical aspects of you IT environment and provide a roadmap and IT solutions that meet your needs.
Tunning your platforms
Do you need to optimize the use, speed, functionality, availability of its platform or IT solution? Vacorp can help improve efficiency and effectiveness of resource utilization and lower IT operational costs.
Evaluation of the alignment of your IT platform with your business
Are the plans for business growth restricted due to an inadequate IT environment? Are your IT capabilities using cost-effective solutions? Vacorp helps you evaluate and provide solutions that involve technology, people, processes and strategies that will lead your company to be more productive, competitive and profitable.
Accompaniment from start to finish in the transformation of the business.
Not only do we advise, we also work with you to implement change. We validate the effectiveness of our solutions for your business.
Diagnosing problems.
Leave your IT problems in the hands of experts, letting you focus on your core business objectives.
herramientas de inteligencia de negocio como pentaho, mssql, oracle hyperion y microstrategy